• São Jorge Island in Azores

COVID-19  What has changed in our Tours?

Nature has already had its deserved rest. Now, it is time to prepare the future with safety and quality.

Since 2000 offering the best experiences in Adventure and Nature tourism on the island of São Jorge in the Azores archipelago. We have always had safety, integrity and excellence as our core values, and now, more than ever, we are committed to providing experiences with all possible safety measures so that our customers feel comfortable enjoying new adventures.

The Aventour Azores Adventures wants to continue to be different, despite the pandemic context in which we live. Thus, we adapt our products and our working methods to face COVID-19 and support the community in which we operate.

For your and our safety.


Aventour Azores Adventures reserves the right to cancel the activities in case the customers show any symptoms, related to the COVID-19 situation.

Aventour Azores Adventures reserves the right to request the presentation of the COVID-19 test of the sixth day to any customer, whenever it deems it necessary.

What has changed in our activities?


Training and preparation for our employees

- The internal protocol for the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

- How to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions for the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, including the basic procedures about hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and social conduct.

- How to comply with daily self-monitoring to assess fever, check for cough or difficulty breathing.

- How to comply with the guidelines of the General Health Directorate for cleaning surfaces and treating clothes in establishments.

- Clients must go directly to the meeting point for the start of activities, which will always be indicated by Aventour Azores Adventures before the date of the activities.

What Aventour Azores Adventures provides and ensures for all its activities and services?

Mandatory procedures:

- Personal protective equipment in sufficient quantity for the workers involved in the activities.


- Personal protective equipment available for our customers. The customer must pay the individual protection kit or alternatively bring their own kit (with, at least, 3 protective masks). The use of a protective mask is obligatory, unless when counterproductive. For each tour/activity there will be 3 available masks per client.


- Provision of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, whenever justified, to participants in activities.


- Cleaning or disinfection of the equipment used, after each activity, according to the rules applicable to each type of equipment. The equipment after use and disinfection remained in quarantine for 72 hours.


- Cleaning or disinfection of vehicles used after each activity.


- The maintenance, as much as possible, of the social safety distance between the participants during the activities, according to the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health. The recommended distance is 2 meters.


- Establishing a maximum capacity for each vehicle of 2/3 of its normal capacity. This means that a 9 seat mini van can only take 6 persons, including drivers and/or guides. If customers are from the same household, a 9 seat mini van can accommodate a maximum of 6 clients.


- All information, guidelines, waivers and payments will be provided by digital / online support.


- Proper garbage bags with secure closing will be provided for each tour/activity and will be used for waste management in all confined spaces.


- All confined spaces will be avoided when possible.


- For the pick-up / drop-off, clients should wait outside the Hotel or accommodation. The driver or guide will avoid entering.


- Before the activity, the client has to answer a general questionnaire about Covid-19.


- Before the activity, the tour guide will explain the general procedures and guidances already described here. Some specific procedures related to each activity will also be transmitted.

Guarantee the safety of our employees and clients!

Mascara Covid-19


Whenever possible and necessary, we provide masks and gloves for the entire team in order to protect our employees and customers.

Social Distancing  Covid-19


We promote social distance before, after and during our activities, so that you can enjoy each experience with maximum safety and comfort.

Disifection  Covid-19


To proceed with the disinfection of equipment, the customer removes his own equipment and places it in the washing containers. Like our previous procedures, disinfection always occurs at the end of the activity with the recommended detergents.

Covid-19 special offers

TRANSPORT - We offer discounts for customers who go directly to the "Meeting Point" for the activity.

PRICES - All activities until December 31, 2021 have a 50% discount for children up to 12 years old (included) and for single bookings by a single client.